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Patentscope Rubygem

I have just today released a new Rubygem (Patentscope) which allows easy access to data from the WIPO PATENTSCOPE Web Service using the Ruby language.

As provided by WIPO, the PATENTSCOPE Web Service is available through a SOAP interface. The documentation provided by WIPO uses Java.

The Patentscope gem, on the other hand, provides a simple Ruby interface to the PATENTSCOPE Web Service. The gem allows access for each of the functions available from the SOAP interface.

The gem and associated code is Open Source, released under the MIT license.

Full details of the gem, including installation and usage instructions, are available on the Github repo at

The gem itself is hosted at the Rubygems server at

Please try it out and let me know what you think. I welcome comments and suggestions for improvement.