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statistics on countries

Hello community,

I am currently trying to figure out how to derive information on how patents are distributed globally. In specific I am searching for PCT patents for “photovoltaic” on the front pages for the application year 2010. I would like to receive statistics how innovative activity is distributed among USA, China, Japan and Germany.

My problem is as follows:
Applicant nationality: If am doing a search query for US, CN, JP and DE I receive in sum more patents than patents filed in 2010 in total. That’s due to the fact that if the patent application is filed for example by two persons one from Germany and one from the US, it is counted twice.

Legal representative country: Same problem as applicant nationality, especially as the USA requires a real person to be the applicant and not a legal entity.

Country: If I select a country (e.g. CN, US, etc.) it shows 0 results (probably due to PCT search)

Is there any possibility to get statistics on geographical patent distribution for a specific search term and a specific year?

Thank you very much in advance!

Kind regards,


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Re: statistics on countries


To do this, the Analysis tab should include "Group By" for fields AN or NPCC which is currently not available. It would be an interesting feature that we will keep in mind for future updates.
Best regards